Losing Myself Again

from by Umbrella Burning Festival

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Taken from Umbrella Burning Festival's first EP “Poems in braille”, available now for free download and streaming.


Losing myself again
Burning fast
I’ve buried my
Innocence inside
your shithouse
And watched it sour.
Tears of trash
Are almost dry
I feel no shame
Feasts of ash
Heal anorexy
And purify my scars.

Losing myself again
Killing time
And pretend that
Everything's alright
As I carve feelings
To help remember.
I bleed inside
I almost die
And there’s no rest
It tears inside
But please don’t bother me
'cause I’ll never be like you.

I’ve punished me
For all these years
But now it’s over
I’ve taken the blame
For your mistakes
But now it’s over
That’s why I’m exorcising
My fears
That’s why I’m screaming
Throwing all away.

Scream out loud
Scream out loud
Scream out loud
Scream out loud.


from Poems in Braille, released May 19, 2016
Some rights reserved. Unless otherwise specified, these contents are released with a Creative Commons Attribution - Non commercial - Share Alike 4.0 licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).




Umbrella Burning Festival Rome, Italy

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